Secrets To Making A Perfect Viral Video


Having a video go viral is a dream of so many people around the world. Every marketer, every company, and every salesman wants to achieve the dream of having their video go viral and becoming a Youtube Sensation. But, how is it done? Follow these tips and get one step closer to achieving your dream.

Secrets To Making A Perfect Viral Video

Release It On A Weekday

Marketers naturally assume that the best time to release a new video is during the weekend when customers are at home and have plenty of free time. Even though this assumption makes perfect sense, it is incorrect. Research has shown that if you release your video on a Monday or Tuesday, you have a greater chance of your video going viral. Why? People like to scroll through their Facebook feeds and watch endless videos when they are bored at work, not at home enjoying their free time. Since everyone hates Mondays, viewers are very likely to be bored in the office and search for new videos to entertain themselves.

Keep Your Video Short And Sweet

Another thing you should keep in mind when making a viral video is to make quality your priority, not quantity. Long videos fall flat on today’s audience because it gets easily distracted. 19% of people stop watching a video after only 10 seconds, and 44% of your viewers will be gone after a minute goes by. There is not a golden rule about how long a video should be. But, the ideal length would be under two minutes. In addition, you should make sure that the beginning of your video is captivating enough to keep that 19% watching.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Many people make one beginner’s mistake; they spend a lot of time creating an amazing video, but they put little to no thought into the title and description of the video. Do not make this mistake! It doesn’t matter how amazing your video is, search engines cannot scan its content. They rely heavily on your description and title. Make sure that your description includes relevant keywords that may be interesting to your target audience. You will hit the jackpot if you add the keyword to the title and still make the title interesting. For example, a video named “Laughing Lady” or “Woman With Chewbacca Mask” will not be nearly as interesting as “Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady.” Keep in mind that, once you upload your video to YouTube, your title and description are what will drag the viewers in.

 Engage With Others

One way to get noticed in the world of YouTube is drawing attention to yourself by engaging with others. Find videos with similar content and make sure to leave your comment. Make sure that the video is good and that it has positive ratings. Then, let people know that you have made a similar one and that they should give you a chance. This will redirect people who are searching for content like yours directly to your video.

Don’t Buy Views

They say that “desperate times call for desperate measures.” Once they see their video has not become popular, marketers decide to work with certain companies that guarantee an increase in the number of video views. Yes, these agencies will increase your number of viewers, but that’s all you get. And, if you are thinking that is all you need, you are wrong. The views such companies provide are not from the customers you are trying to target. So, you may get more viewers but none of them will be interested in your content. You cannot get new customers by buying fake views. In addition, YouTube strictly prohibits this type of behavior. If they ever find out you were cheating, you will get banned from the platform. The best thing to do when trying to go viral is to let things flow naturally.


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