4 Easy Ways To Get Rich


We’ve put together some easy ways to make some big bucks and get rich fairly quick. Many people don’t really believe there are easy ways to get rich but below you will find 4 proven ways that people have made a great deal of money in their spare time with little effort.


4 Easy Ways To Get Rich


  1. Make a YouTube Channel or a Viral Video

Since the global video sharing website appeared in 2005 people around the world have been cashing in on YouTube. YouTube has made people famous but more importantly it has made them rich. YouTube attracts a lot of ambitious individuals looking to grab their piece of the pie. This venture will require a lot of hard work and patience but if you’re willing to put in the time it can become very lucrative. For example, Ray Johnson an avid youtuber rakes in nearly 1 million dollars a year from his YouTube channel which currently has well over 10 million subscribers and 2.54 billion views.


If you’re interested in making money off YouTube, there are a few different options to choose from. But the most proven and effective way to do this is by monetizing your videos with the YouTube partner program through AdSense. Once you have created your YouTube channel, uploaded some content and attracted enough people, all you need to do is enable your channel for monetization and you’ll be on your way to becoming a YouTube star!


  1. Create a new product

Creating a new product or technology requires a lot of planning. One issue with inventing something new is not knowing where to start. Knowing what steps to take early in the game can give you a head-start down the line. Developing a design plan should probably be the first move you make when thinking about designing a new product. If you have a product in-mind, then do some extensive research on that product. Learn more about your niche and know it inside and out. Once you know your market and how much it will cost to start-up your business you can then make an informed decision on whether or not to move forward. Just keep in-mind a lot goes into creating a new product such as development, testing and marketing but if you have a great idea and the means to start then there’s a great chance it could earn you some big bucks in the future.


  1. Invest in the Stock market

This option may not be suitable for everyone, but if you already have some cash on the side, investing a portion of your earnings will allow your money to grow substantially over time. Instead of leaving your hard earned cash in a savings account which will give you little return, placing your savings into an investment portfolio, such as stocks, mutual funds, real state, bonds, businesses or precious metals can help you save for your retirement and reach your financial goals.

If your Money is earning a higher rate of return than a savings account you will be earning more money at a faster rate. This greater return on your investments can be used for a variety of things such as starting a business, buying a home or putting your kids through college if you’re a younger individual you may be more inclined to take a high-risk high-reward route because you will have plenty of time to recover from any loses. On the other hand if you are getting older it would be wise to be more conservative with your investments, especially if you’re nearing your retirement.


  1. Buying and selling Cars

Buying cars at a bargain and selling them at a profit has become fairly easy in recent years thanks to resources such as craigslist, EBay and auctions. This is a great option for many because you don’t need a large amount of capital to get started and you also don’t need to know a great deal about cars although this would probably be a slight advantage. This is probably the best option on our list because it requires little risk and not a whole lot of effort and best of all you could get rich from it.

The main idea is to find cars below market Value that are in decent shape and have no serious issues and sell them at market value or higher. The most difficult part in this process is making sure the car you buy has no serious problems such as a bad transmission, no brakes, bald tires, rust etc. If all these things check out, you can easily make a 33% profit on your investment just by posting your purchased car on craigslist. For your first purchase I would suggest setting your budget at around $1,000 and aim to make a profit of $500. This will let you test the waters and also not put a huge dent in your pocket if something goes wrong.

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