New Technology Lets You Never Have To Use Your Keys Or Wallet Again

It may sound far fetched but having a microchip surgically inserted into your body in order to access everything is starting to become reality

Just think of the endless applications such as accessing your computer, starting your car, taking out money from the bank all with just a swipe of your hand. This is all possible for Shanti Korporaal of Sydney, Australia, who had one of these microchips inserted into her body.

The microchip implant the size of a grain of rice was inserted into her hand so she had this device with her at all times. This chip has the capability to transfer data to her smartphone, be her business card and also store important information about herself.


Shanti can access and start her car without using her keys















Because of the huge impact this tiny microchip has had on her life and the ease of using it, the 27-year old decided to start up an Australian distribution service named “Chip My Life” along with her husband. The service which only cost between $140 – $80 for the chip itself and $150 to get it inserted. Shani says


They do minor surgery, botox and so on. They give you a local anesthetic, an injection and a quick ultrasound to make sure its in place

The couple both rock a pair of microchips one in the left hand and one in the right. The chip in the left is a audio-frequency identification chip or RFID. The chip in the right is a near-field communication chip otherwise known as a NFC. The microchip is virtually invisible to the naked eye and is about the size of a freckle.

Shanti also made an appearence at the Sydney launch of the video game, Dues Ex Mankind Divided with implant tech pioneer Amal Graafstra. Graafstra previously made headlines in the U.S with his prototype for the words first implant activated hand gun. Graafstra was also one of the first individuals to receive and RFID implant back in 2005.


Amal Graafstra showing off some of the benefits of having the RFID chip implanted















Amal says

It’s given me the ability to communicate with machines. It’s literally intergrated into who i am.

and although he is aware there could be possible ethical and security issues he explained that the data on the microchip is encrypted therefor adding a layer of security to the device.


I want to make sure its treated as part of the body like an organ. At this point, its mainly access – house, computer, motorcycle. But in the future there’s potential to use it for transit and payment. You could get rid of your keys and maybe your wallet



This device also shows promise in being used to track children, send health information to your doctor and even releasing medicine automatically.

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