10 Foods You Should Eat Right After You Workout

Have you ever felt like your workout routine simply does not work? Sometimes, it may seem to you that your muscles won’t grow or that fat won’t melt even if you are doing all of your exercises regularly. The thing is, hitting the gym is just half the battle. Most likely, the problem is not in your workout routine – it is in what you eat. There are certain foods you should eat right after you workout. Why? Well, because feeding your body with the right foods will help you burn more calories by building lean muscle; they will also help you stay energized and speed up muscle recovery.

Here are the 10 foods you should eat right after you workout to get the most out of your exercises.

10 Foods You Should Eat Right After You Workout

#1 Protein Shake

Protein is crucial for body functions. Of course, you can get protein from chicken or fish, but solid meals take longer to digest. A protein shake will do that in half the time.

#2 Eggs

Scrambled, poached, sunny side up, or even hard-boiled, eggs are packed with protein and nutrients. Don’t discard the egg yolk since it contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients your body needs after a workout.

#3 Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt makes a hell of a post-workout snack. It is packed with protein, carbohydrates, and even calcium and potassium. Mix it with some fruit, such as berries, and it will help you fight muscle soreness effectively.

#4 Quinoa

If you workout regularly, then you can never have enough protein. And, quinoa is another great protein source. It is superfood which helps build your muscles, and it also comes with tons of other health benefits.

#5 Chia Seeds

Have you ever wondered what those Gatorade commercials are actually talking about? Well, when you sweat you lose electrolytes, which are very important for your body. Chia seeds will help you feel full, energetic, and replace those electrolytes without intaking the vast amount of sugar found in Gatorade.

#6 White Potatoes

Have you ever felt like you can’t move for a second longer during your workout? Well, that is because you probably ran out of glycogen. Glycogen helps you exercise without feeling burnt. And, the healthiest source of glycogen is white potatoes.

#7 Avocado

Your body needs fat to function properly, and we are talking about the good fat, not french fries fat. Guess which food is full of healthy fat?

#8 Blueberries

The soreness you feel in your muscles is actually called exercise-induced muscle damage. To help your muscles repairs in the shortest amount of time you need the right antioxidants that can be found in blueberries.

#9 Wholegrain Breakfast Cereal

High-protein, low-sugar, high-fiber cereal make a great snack or breakfast and are the perfect option for refilling your muscles’ energy stores! A great alternative for cereal is oatmeal.

#10 Sandwich Wraps

Whole grain wraps are filled with wholesome carbohydrates. A turkey or chicken sandwich with some soup is a great meal after a workout.

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