10 Things To Avoid, So You Dont Get Fired From Your Job.

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10 Things To Avoid, So You Don’t Get Fired From Your Job.


Whether you’re starting a new job or you’ve been at your job for a while, one thing you’re probably trying to avoid is getting fired. Employees get fired for many different reasons from posting on Facebook to giving the boss an attitude but if you feel your time may be coming to an end or you see other employees dropping like flies around you, it may be time to put yourself in check by avoiding these 10 reasons employees get the boot.


1) Tardiness and Absences

When you’re hired by an employer one of the top things he or she expect from you is to be on time. If you show excessive tardiness your boss may see it as a sign that you’re not dedicated to your work or that you don’t care about your job. Another reason it’s important to be on time is productivity. If you’re on time or even a few minutes early you will have time to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead and therefore be more productive. Even worse than being late on a consistent basis is taking excessive time off. A boss may react to your absences in a similar way he reacts to your tardiness and see it as a lack of dedication. Most of the time an employer will be able to easily fill your position with someone that is on time and doesn’t take unnecessary time off from work.


2) Not Being Productive

Employers usually hire workers to, you guessed it, work. If you’re not producing the results that your boss expects he may be inclined to find someone that can. Make sure you’re clear on what your responsibilities are and communicate with your boss effectively so that you’re both on the same page. Let your boss know your strengths and weaknesses so you don’t find yourself in over your head with work that you can’t handle. Some other things that may affect your productivity are using your phone during work hours, chit chatting to much with other employees or not getting a sufficient amount of sleep the night before because you were out partying all night.




3) Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Another thing to avoid when at the workplace is drug and alcohol abuse. If you’re getting high or drunk at work there is probably an underlying issue you should take care of. Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol will most likely have a negative impact on your work by causing absences, mistakes, inconsistencies in your work and arguments with other employees. So when at the workplace “Just Say No”.




4) Refusing to Follow Directions

Following directions is pretty self-explanatory. If your boss tells you to do something it would be wise to listen. Refusing to follow directions can cause unnecessary tension between you and your employer and eventually lead you to getting fired for not complying with requests. If you think you have a better way of doing something it would be smart to speak with your employer about it first before taking matters into your own hands.


5) Working on Personal Projects

If you really want to piss of your employer working on your own personal business projects while on the clock will definitely do it. The last thing you want your employer to find out is that he’s been paying you to work on your own personal projects. Don’t find yourself misusing company resources such as your computer, phone or office supplies and work on personal projects on your own time or not at all.




6) Dishonesty

Building a trustworthy relationship with your employer is very important especially when your job entails handling personal information or money. One of the key traits an employer requires of his employees is honesty. If you’re being dishonest with your boss it would serve you better to come out and tell the truth or you may risk losing your job.


7) Lying on a Resume

When an employer seeks an employee there first impression on you is your resume. Although it may be common practice to spice up your resume, lying on certain qualifications can spell big trouble when it’s time to perform. Not being able to perform tasks that were stated on your resume will show dishonesty and more than likely lead to you getting fired because your job may entail performing duties stated on your resume that you can’t handle.


8) Not Getting Along With Co-Workers

Although this reason may be overlooked most of the time, not getting along with your co-workers can decrease morale and lessen the productivity of the whole office. If co-workers are constantly fighting it can also reflect poorly on the company and look unprofessional. If you see yourself not getting along with other employees you may want to suck it up and try your best to get along with them.


9) Performing Task Slowly

An employer expects work do be done correctly and promptly. If you’re getting your work done but it often takes you longer than expected your employer may be urged to find someone that can get the job done a little quicker therefor saving them time and money.




10) Being Rude To Customers

If customer service is one of your responsibilities at work you should possess good communication and social skills. Being rude to customers can turn clients away from the company and cost the business money. If a customer gets on your nerves try to remain professional and remember it is your responsibility to be polite to your clients. If your employer see’s you being rude and not able to control your temper when dealing with customers he may think you’re doing more harm then good.



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