6 Things You Should Avoid Before Bedtime


After a long day, you have finally made it to your bed. You are so excited at the thought of sleeping. So, you put your head down onto the pillow and then… nothing happens. Is there anything more annoying when you are tired and can’t fall asleep? Well, this does not happen because your brain likes to be a jerk sometimes, you are also to blame. Here are six things you should avoid before bedtime so you can wake up feeling fresh and well-rested.

6 Things You Should Avoid Before Bedtime


Drinking Caffeine

This one is obvious, isn’t it? But, we thought that we should remind you once again that the caffeine found in coffee, tea, and even chocolate is a stimulant that is very likely to keep you awake longer than you planned. Some say that it is smart to avoid caffeine intake after 6 pm. Keep in mind that everyone is different. Some may fall asleep right after drinking a cup of coffee, while others are super sensitive and can’t drink any coffee in the afternoon. Also, wine has its side effects and it can be the reason why you keep waking up in the night very thirsty.

Working Late

You came home from the office, had dinner, spent some time with your family and now you are planning to finish that report you didn’t during your working hours. Health experts advise that you should always keep your work life and your home life separated. Your brain also needs to rest and recharge for the next day, so avoid working from home during those late night hours. If you absolutely have to finish something, then make sure that you do it 2/3 hours before your bedtime.

Eating Greasy Food

Just like caffeine has its side effects, fatty foods do too. Besides making you feel sluggish the next morning, greasy food will make your stomach work during the night which leads to you feeling too full. And this feeling can make it difficult to sleep. Stay away from fast food, ice cream, and all similar food right before bed. Make sure to give your stomach at least two hours to digest the food before going to bed.

Stare At Any Screen

Believe it or not, that phone you bring with yourself to bed may be the reason why you can’t fall asleep at night. The blue light smartphones (and similar devices) emit stimulate the brain, making it harder for the brain to unwind and understand that it is time for bed. Even though scrolling through your Facebook feed may seem relaxing, it certainly is not relaxing for your brain at all. In addition, watching TV while in bed may have the same effect on you. It would be ideal to avoid all electronics at least an hour before you sleep. Maybe you can add reading a book to your bedtime routine. A real book, not an ebook!

Intense Cardio

Exercising regularly is the key to staying fit, healthy, and sleeping well at night. Ten minutes of any activity can greatly improve your sleep quality. However, going for a jog right before your bedtime is not the smartest choice. You will not only need to eat right after the jog, but your heart rate and energy levels will be over the roof. This will make it incredibly hard for your body and your mind to settle down and fall asleep. Experts advise working out at least three hours before hitting the hay.

Getting Emotional

This may seem weird at first, but it will totally make sense once you read it. Watching (upsetting) news, being a part of a heated Facebook debate, thinking about that text message that just said “K” even though you typed a heartfelt essay will mess with your emotions making it harder for you to fall asleep. It would be ideal to avoid anything that will make you angry or sad before going to bed. Instead, watch a movie that won’t make you cry or scare you, have a soak in the tub, or perhaps try out meditation.



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