Check Out This Video That Sends A Powerful Message About Texting And Driving

Nowadays, smartphones are occupying our lives and we take them with us everywhere we go so texting and driving has started to become a big issue. Every time you see your smartphone, you feel the need to look at it, unlock it, and see if anything is happening on your social media feed. That’s not such a bad thing, right? But, it becomes a bad habit when you use your phone where you shouldn’t, such as while driving.

How often do you text and drive? More often than you should, right? You may think that you will do no harm if you surf the web while being stuck in a traffic jam, or if you send a short reply to your mom’s text. It takes only a split second of distraction for you to endanger your own life and someone else’s.

That is why Summer Break wanted to send a message to everyone who is guilty of using their smartphones while they are on the road. According to the United States CDC Injury Center, more than 400,000 people figured in motor vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers in 2013.

In the video, a few young drivers are invited to an interview. What seemed like a simple conversation at first turned into a powerful lesson about life and the long-lasting effect your choices can make once a girl named Stacy arrived.

Watch the video below!




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