Things You Can Do To Make Women More Attracted To You

The million dollar question, what makes some men so much better at attracting women than others? Even if they aren’t the best looking guy around, the answer might be more simple than you thought.

Things You Can Do To Make Women More Attracted To You


Listen To Her, Even If You Dont Care

Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds easy enough, but it is one of the most common mistakes men seem to make. We all know that women talk and talk and talk, it seems like it only stops when they’re eating or sleeping. But that’s just how the XX chromosomes work. They have a lot to say, they’re constantly thinking and worrying about things that have not even occurred to their counterpart.

Women have to talk things through, they plan things out to an obnoxious degree, but that’s how they operate.  And the simple act of listening, occasionally saying an encouraging word (even if you aren’t actually listening) will do wonders in making your woman happy. Women like to feel secure, and if you can do that for her, then you become more attractive in their eyes. Probably the easiest step, because it virtually takes zero effort on your part.


Own Your Style

In general, women like to feel and look beautiful. Taking the time to put on makeup, do their hair, and wear a killer outfit that will turn heads. But if you are trying to woo her, or even if you have been together for quite some time, showing no effort in this department can slowly make attract ween.  If your girl is looking on point, so should you. Even if it seems ridiculous, just do it for her every once in awhile and the effort will go a long way. I’m not saying go out and buy designer clothes and shoes, diamond encrusted watches and suits. It is much more simple than that.

If you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of person, iron your pants and shirt. Make sure they are clean and smelling fresh. If you are more a collared shirt or polo type of person again, make sure it is clean! But a spritz of cologne or body spray will help out in a pinch. Whatever your style, it is important to feel good and confident in whatever you wear. Make sure it fits you properly, because nothing can make you look worse than clothes that are too tight or too loose.


Let’s Talk About Hygiene

Seems easy enough, right? Apparently it is not actually the easiest thing for some people. Whether you have short hair, long hair, a beard, you shave your head and face, make sure that whatever you are doing with your hair, it is maintained. If you have a beard, buy a comb and brush it every once in awhile. Buy beard wax, condition it, take care of it.

If you are a high and tight type of guy, and you get a clean shave every morning, use moisturizing after shave lotion or gel. Grab a bottle of Gillette After Shave Gel, works wonders and smells great, plus it is very inexpensive. No matter what you are doing, make sure it is well kempt and looks appealing to more than just your own eyes. Consider the fact that if you’re trying to make out with a woman your beard scratches her face, so moisturize that bush and make it more enjoyable for your lady friend. Shower daily, men and women alike need to get in the shower every single day. Going just one day without a shower builds up an insane amount of bacteria on the skin that causes all types of problems, the main one being odor.


Be A Gentleman

Chivalry is most certainly not dead.  Open her door, push her chair in, buy her flowers, do the little things that make her swoon. Being a gentleman will get you further than anything else. Make her feel good about herself, and more than just her appearance. Compliment her intelligence, the remarkable dinner she makes, her style, the way she laughs at her own jokes. The little things add up to women more than large shows of kindness, if you are a rude SOB the rest of the time. And most of these things are completely free! Express how the goals she has for her future make you want to achieve more in your life. Treat her the way a lady should be treated.



She did you laundry? Thank her. Made supper? Thank her. Cleaned your shared apartment? Thank her. Express your gratitude to her, a woman will never leave more quickly than when she’s in a relationship that she doesn’t feel appreciated in. Imagine if you considered everything, did everything, and then never even got a simple thank you? It would drive any person insane, and create resentment. Know how to compliment and appreciate her for everything she does. Doing so will make you far more attractive in her eyes than ever before. Knowing how to make your woman feel good is what will make you more attractive, try using these simple suggestions and see how much your lady friend changes. And if all else fails, get a killer cologne and spritz it before going out. But if you know how to treat a lady, you should never have any problems with them finding you attractive.

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