How to Extend Your Life Up To 17 Years


Its sad to say but death is inevitable for all of us, its a part of life. One day your time will come, but if your not ready to go just yet there are some proven ways that can extend your life up to 17 years. We’ve gathered the best ways to improve your life and live longer.


How To Extend Your Life


Drink Water (5 – 8 Ounces a Day)

People who include this amount of water in their daily routine are 54% less likely to suffer from heart attack compared to those who only drink 2 glasses of water or less.




Take Magnesium Supplements

French Researchers determined over an 18-year period that people with higher levels of magnesium are 40% less likely to die then those who have lower levels. It’s recommended that you add 250 mg to your daily routine.




Don’t Have More than 3 Alcoholic drinks a day

Researchers at Harvard found that Having more than 3 drinks in a 24-hour period can lead to atrial fibrillation which can drastically increase your risk of stroke. Also people do not realize when they pour themselves a drink it is usually way over the 4 ounce standard.




Exercise Regularly

Scientists in Michigan discovered that people who performed 3 total-body workouts a week over a 2 month period lowered their blood pressure by 8 points on average. That alone is enough to lower your chance of a heart attack by 15 percent and a Stroke by 40 percent.




Take a Multivitamin

Research suggests that taking a daily multivitamin can reduce DNA damage that may lead to cancer.


Eat More Fish

Adding fish to your diet can reduce your risk of having a heart attack by more than 33 percent and may also reduce you your risk of cancer. The omega fatty acids found in fish help to produce certain hormones that are anti-inflammatory and can reduce blood clots.




Quit Smoking

Research has shown that dropping the habit by ago 30 can boost your survival rate to the same as non-smokers. If you drop the habit by 50 you can still cut the risk of dying in half within the next 15 years




Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Consuming 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day can lower your risk of stroke by 27 percent compared to people who only eat 2 servings or less.




Don’t Worry

Scientists at Purdue University have discovered that worrying constantly and stressing out can shorten your life by 16 years.




Drink Coffee

Brooklyn College Scientists have reported that drinking 4 servings of coffee a day can cut your risk of having heart disease in half.




Go for a walk outdoors

Walking regularly outdoors can help to lower depression and grant you up to seven extra years of living.




Eat Breakfast

People who manage to eat breakfast within 90 minutes of waking up are 50 percent less likely to become obese in the future.




If you manage to do all these things you can expect to live a lot longer than someone who doesn’t. Above all make sure you exercise regularly, have a nutritious diet, keep your alcoholic drinks to a minimum and don’t smoke you will most likely outlive people by 17 years who tend to fall short in these areas. If you want to calculate your own life expectancy go to and enter your stats

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