8 Delicious Snacks That are Healthy

What if I told you that you can eat delicious snacks that did not contain fattening ingredients? A dream come true, right? Well you can! Eating a healthy snack that is delicious is everyone’s dream.

Night time snacks are killer, in the sense that during this time your metabolism slows down and it is harder for you to process these foods. Cravings at night are so popular and are usually caused due to boredom, low amounts of protein in your body, not a large enough breakfast or lunch, and/or the eating pattern you’ve gotten your body used to.

Take a look at some late night food ideas that you can eat as healthy alternatives:


Cinnamon Popcorn (150 calories)

Watching a late-night movie? Grab a bowl of regular popcorn that contains no salt, and sprinkle 1 tsp of confectioners’ sugar, and 2 tsp of ground cinnamon. This bowl of cinnamon popcorn will satisfy your taste buds for the cost of a low amount of calories. Thank me later!


healthy snack


Cherry Tomatoes With A Little Extra (140-170 calories)

While you may be hungry, you might also feel as though you need something refreshing as well. Try slicing a tomato and sprinkling 2 table spoons of fresh goat cheese with a dash of basil. You can also switch this up, and add 2 table spoons of feta cheese and a coating of parley, or chives. Keep in mind that you can create this to your own liking, like shown in the picture above. This snack will allow you to feel pleased, but not bloated; tonight’s sleep will be lavish!


healthy snack


Greek Yogurt with Granola and Strawberries (190 calories)

This delicious snack will allow you sugary flavor but isn’t something that will make you bloat, or feel too full- think of it as a healthy parfait. You can also substitute the strawberries with blueberries, or even add in some pineapples.


healthy snack


Banana Pancakes (250 calories)

Yum, breakfast for dinner! Two ingredients: a banana and two eggs. You can make a yummy healthy snack that is not only healthy, but contains protein! Feel free to add some fruits in there like strawberries, bananas, blueberries, etc.


healthy snack



Aside from late cravings, many people are running around all day and don’t have the time to sit and eat. Whether it is due to having classes back to back in college or being too busy at the office to sit down and find something to eat, below are some grab-and-go snacks that will get the job done, without allowing you to gain excess weight:


Coco’nilla Crunch (150 calories)

These tiny granola bites will guarantee fulfillment and are based mostly off of coconut, vanilla flavor and oats. Not only are these fulfilling but they are enriched with sweetness and protein!


Atkins Mocha Latte Shake (160 calories)

This is a low-carb shake that gives a sweet satisfying taste to your stomach. Most people drink this as a meal replacement but you can also use it as a healthy snack, so it is up to you if you’d like to have half, or the whole thing! The best thing about it is there are different flavors to choose from. (Ex: Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, etc)


Turkey Jerky (80 calories)

Hungry, but you don’t want anything sweet? Try this healthy snack as they will guarantee an appetite quencher while allowing you to feel the satisfaction of something that may taste unhealthy but isn’t. They’re seasoned while also being 98% fat free.


Hummus and a Veggie (90 calories)

Hummus, which comes from shredded chickpeas, is a healthy snack which also gives you energy. Choose a vegetable to go with it, like celery sticks (which have negative calories) or carrots.


Food cravings are detrimental if not controlled- cravings run through our body daily and it is up to us in order to fight them and eat correctly.