3 Reasons Your Not Seeing Results At The Gym


A healthy lifestyle is one that many people are trying to create for themselves in order to achieve their fitness and health goals. You are working hard to look the way you want to, but have yet to see any results. The question is: WHY? Many people say it takes 21 days to break a habit, we say it takes one day to create one. Eating clean and training dirty is your road to success. Break out of your comfort zone by trying new things like switching up your meals and day to day exercises.

3 Reasons Your Not Seeing Results At The Gym

Here are a few reasons why you may be having a hard time seeing results:

  1. Your diet:

Your diet is 80% of the results you see in your body, while fitness is 20%. Although you may be working hard at the gym, there is no way that you can out-exercise a bad diet. In order to achieve success in your fitness journey, you must burn more calories than you take in. An easy way to achieve this, is to create a health journal that will allow you to keep track of all of the calories you eat, as well as the calories you burn, daily. Remember that eating clean is an essential part of your mission, but depriving yourself from what you like is also unhealthy; a cheat meal is acceptable, once or twice a week.


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  1. Cardio:

Aside from keeping your heart in shape, and accelerating your metabolism, cardio is an active tool for weight loss. When done properly, you will even start to see muscle gain. Improper forms will do the exact opposite. Try to go to a spin or body sculpt class a few times a week  and then stick to the treadmill and elliptical the following week. This will keep your body focused on what exactly you want it to do, without it getting used to a specific cardio “routine”.  You can build your body to your exact choice just by taking the necessary steps, but when your body gets used to the same routine, its refusal to show you new results is precise.


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  1. Challenge Yourself:

Challenges are well obtained when and if you give yourself a specific goal and are willing to push yourself for it.  Challenges can vary; Instead of running at your usual speed of 6 on the treadmill, try running on an incline of 2 while on a speed of 7.5 and raise it weekly. With regard to strength training, try doing fifteen reps of a 50 pound weight instead of the ten reps of the 40 pounds you normally do. Using the same weights you used a month ago, or running at the same speed will not show you the results you are capable of.


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The best investment you can make, is in yourself. Living healthy is within your reach and is a long term commitment that results in a better version of yourself, daily.