Biggest Lies Fitness Experts Tell You

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Fitness Experts Lies

When it comes to fitness and staying healthy, there is so much advice you can find on the internet and hear from the so-called fitness experts. But, just because you read something does not necessarily mean it is true. We have decided to put all the biggest lies fitness experts tell you together in one place. Keep reading to see if you fell for any of them.

Fitness Detoxes, Cleanses, Concoctions

How many Instagram posts about those super healthy detox teas have you seen? Or, did you ever stumble across a fitness expert in the gym who told you about the magical pre/post workout concoction that will help you lose weight quickly? Unfortunately, they are all one big lie. There is no magical drink that will help you lose weight and become fit while you sit around all day eating fast food. Yes, they may have some benefits, but in order to become fit and healthy, you will need to make some changes in your life, too.


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You Won’t Succeed If You Do Not Suffer

If someone claims that you have to dedicate your entire life to  fitness and eating fruits and veggies in order to look better, they are lying to you. This is probably why people find being fit repulsive in a way. There are not that much people who are ready to make drastic changes in their lives and spend hours in the gym. Health and fitness are not complicated as some people claim they are. Obviously, you will need to make some changes, but none of them have to be drastic.

When it comes to working out, believe it or not, exercising 30 minutes at least three times a week will get your body in shape sooner than you think. And, when it comes to food, you should take care of your diet. This means that you can eat everything you want, but in limited quantities. Instead of eating the entire chocolate by yourself, satisfy your cravings with one bar.


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Do This And You Will Look Like Her

“Women should do these things and avoid doing these things.” Never fall for this, ever. When it comes to exercising, the most important thing is to do what makes you feel good. Do you prefer lifting weights to taking cardio classes? Then do it! Every form of exercising has its benefits, and all of them are the right things to do.

Also, if someone tells you to do certain things so you could look like someone else, start avoiding them. Every individual has a unique body and unique capabilities. No matter how hard some people work out, they never get the perfect six packs. Why? Well, their body was simply made that way. They can’t manipulate their genetics and the length of their bones and muscles. When working out, always strive to become the best version of yourself. Do your best to reach your own maximum. Never compare your progress to someone else’s because you can’t compare two completely different entities.

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Trust Everyone, Believe No One

Just because a lot of things you can find on the Internet from fitness experts are not true, does not mean all of them are a lie. Look for people who know their stuff, and who take what they do seriously. There are so many reliable experts who give useful advice. You simply need to find those who are experts in your area of interest. Always keep an open mind, and do not be shy to ask any sort of questions.


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The Corner Of Truth

After exposing these biggest lies fitness experts tell you, it is time for some truth. Take a look at these facts, and try to remember them. Whenever you are unsure what is the right thing to do, think of these:

  • There are no short cuts. If you want to gain, you will have to put up with some pain.
  • You can never look like someone else. Being fit is all about being the best version of yourself.
  • Strict diets and incredibly long exercises are not the only way to success.
  • Stick to the basics. Eat as well as you can and do exercise at least three times a week.
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