Planet Nibiru Appears In Our Skies – Possible Doomsday Approaching in 2016


Planet Nibiru Appears in Our Skies

Evidence is mounting that a heavenly body is lurking in the outer most reaches of our solar system. Scientists have reported that the size of this object is around 4 times the size of Jupiter. A planet of that size would be able to cause catastrophic events in our solar system and has already caused discrepancies in NASA data that has no other explanation other than that there is an unseen object in our solar system (Planet Nibiru) that is causing these things to happen.

This object is said to orbit our solar system in a vast oblique orbit and is said to complete its orbit every 3,600 years. Deviations in our sun proves the existence of an object with great gravitational pull coming into our solar system and others point back to ancient texts to support these theories even further.



It is very interesting considering that ancient Sumerian texts describe that our creators came from a planet that orbits our solar system every 3,600 years. The texts say that these creators or as called in the bible and Sumerian texts, the Nephilim colonized our earth over 400,000 years ago and came from a undiscovered planet in our solar system. This planet has been called many names such as 12th planet, planet X and Nibiru. Although it is intriguing that our current data is matching up with texts from an ancient civilization which disappeared 7,000 years ago, there is more pressing matters to take into consideration.

There is data to support that Nibiru entered into our solar system in 2002 and has went on to visibly influence planets in our system. Nibiru has also come close enough to our planet that it has begun to affect our oceans and the tilt of earth’s axis, causing a rise in tsunamis, volcanos and earthquakes in the last decade. Although Nibiru was close enough to influence our planet, it was not until 2012 that Nibiru’s oblique orbit became visible to us on earth. Photos have been popping up all over the internet supposedly showing Nibiru in our skies. Is it a coincidence that Nibiru became visible to us for the first time during the same year as the Mayan’s 2012 doomsday prediction?



Are these actual photos of the 12th planet that our ancient ancestors spoke about in their writings over 7,000 years ago? Is our government hiding the truth in fear of causing a global panic? Conspiracy theorists say yes and that August 2016 is the month when the planet will cross the threshold causing major catastrophes to take place around the world.

Some have even gone far enough to say that are government is using artificial clouds to cover up the evidence in our skies. So next time your outside don’t forgot to take a closer look at what’s going on right above our heads.



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