Important Lessons From People Who Got Famous On Social Media

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So many people in the world regularly check out the accounts on social media of those who became popular “overnight.” There are plenty of people who got their big break on social media, and even more of those who are trying to. It is incredible that certain sites and apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and even many blog apps help people show off their talents, become famous, and earn their living by doing what they love.

Lucky for us, some of those who got their big break were kind enough to share their stories with the rest of the world, as well as some tips. Check out these important lessons from people who got famous on social media.

Important Lessons From People Who Got Famous On Social Media

Brittany Furlan


If you like watching vines, then you must have already recognized this pretty face. Brittany Furlan has more than 9 million followers on Vine, and that makes her the biggest female Vine star. She started posting six-second sketches on Vine, and her popularity kept growing fast. Thanks to this breakthrough, Brittany got a development deal for a sketch comedy show produced by Seth Green.

According to this young lady, you should not wait for opportunities to come to you. Instead, you should always try to deliver your ideas in different formats. You never know when something might resonate with the audience.

Alex Lee


People who work hard become successful, without a doubt. But, would you believe us if we told you that you can become famous accidentally? We have Alex Lee to prove this statement.

One day, while Lee was working at a Target supermarket, a girl snapped a photo of him. She posted the photo online, and when another user found the photo, he tweeted it. This made the popularity of the photo go up sky high in a couple of hours. Lee had no idea what was going on until he came back from work. And, by that time, his photo was tweeted 800,000 times and Alex got his own hashtag #alexfromtarget.

In the end, this young man got an appearance on The Ellen Show, a role in a music video and a movie. His story should teach you that you can never know what’s going to catch on. Sometimes, if you are afraid to do something because you think it is stupid, do it anyways. Experimentation can lead to success in unlikely places.

Amalia Ulman


You may not have heard of this young lady, but she managed to create a lot of controversy with her deeds. Her story will show you that you do not need to be lucky, or unrealistically pretty to become famous. You simply need to study what is going on around you, and what are the current trends.

One day, Amalia decided to start a project that would portray the world’s obsession with Instagram celebrities. So, she became one. Ulman took on the role of a ‘cute girl’ and a ‘sugar baby’. She chose these roles because they were the most popular trends at that time. She carefully studied the popular hashtags and the posts of other Instagram celebrities. Then, she created a story and started gaining followers incredibly fast. Her story seemed to have been interesting to many. Between April and September 2014, Instagram Amalia moved to the big city, broke up with her long-term boyfriend, did drugs, had plastic surgery, self-destructed, apologized, recovered and found a new boyfriend. This narrative enabled her to gain around 90,000 followers in a couple of months.

Nash Grier


This young man got popular on Vine, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. It seems that he conquered almost all of the famous social media platforms. He started out on Vine, with his silly and spontaneous stunts that were portrayed in six-second videos. Now, he has around 12 million followers on Vine, 8 million followers on Instagram, 4 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.7 million followers on Twitter.

Now, he makes from $25,000 to $100,000 whenever he includes a certain product in his clips. What does Nash teach all of us? Sometimes, you can’t do everything on your own. Having sponsors is a great way to promote yourself and earn money at the same time. It may be hard at first, but every beginning is hard. Start off with some smaller companies perhaps, and build your way up to success.






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